We had a very detailed and professional estimate...
I have been selling real estate for 14 years and it is a pleasure to work with someone like Idaho Radon. They have taken the collection of radon samples and the mitigation of radon to a new level in the Treasure Valley. When I sold a bank owned property in the North End, They found high levels of radon in the home. Within a few hours, we had a very detailed and professional estimate of the mitigation that needed to be performed. My clients and the bank were both impressed and hired them to fix the problem. We were planning to close the transaction the following week, so Idaho Radon worked through the weekend to quickly fix the problem. Their equipment is state of the art and my clients were thrilled with the results of his work. I highly recommend Idaho Radon.

Thanks for the great service!
Kelley M. Associate Broker

I was also impressed with the experience level, personality and friendliness...
My wife searched and received quotes from several radon mitigation companies. Idaho Radon impressed us both with their professionalism and competitive pricing. The thing I liked most about Idaho Radon is the multi-stage approach to solving our radon problem. Rather than just do an all-out installation, the quote was setup for two phases, where the second phase was optional if the first stage solved the problem. The first did stage solve our problem and saved us the cost of the second phase. I was also impressed with the experience level, personality and friendliness of the Idaho Radon personnel. I am happy with the installation and service we received, and would recommend their service to anyone with a radon problem.

Thank you Troy and Scott.
James C.

Bring peace of mind...
Being a realtor means doing everything we can to look out for our clients' best interest. One of the best tools we can give them is information. It is important to know when radon levels are unsafe in a home. Idaho Radon provides education about radon and mitigation services when needed. They bring peace of mind to our clients by knowing their new home is safe for them and their families. I have personally experienced the professionalism and honesty on several of my transactions.

Rebecca N. Realtor

The mitigation system worked just like they said...
Thank you so, so, so much, three times for emphasis! You guys were great! We had a buyer back out of our house and I emailed Idaho Radon for help. They called within 15 minutes, and was here at my house the next week. They were great, cleaned up after themselves! Very knowledgeable and fast. The mitigation system worked just like they said it would. We had a reading of 11, but we got the results today, 4 weeks after the system was installed, the reading was 0.5! So again THANK YOU guys, it was a pleasure having you work here, and I would gladly recommend you to anyone I know.

Your VERY appreciative customer
Jackie H.
Lenore, Idaho

We could not be happier...
Idaho Radon's professionalism and expertise impressed us and was a source of great comfort during our house closing process. We had an above-normal radon reading in our basement level. But the clock was ticking on the closing and we had to make a call about delaying or cancelling the closing. Before buying the house, I knew very little about radon. Idaho Radon explained the dangers posed by radon and carefully walked us through the options for mitigation. Based on their competence and past success rate, and our confidence in them, we decided to close on the house before mitigation could be done. It was a gamble, but our confidence paid off. Idaho Radon successfully mitigated our radon to below normal levels. We could not be happier.

I highly recommend them.
Ray P. Homeowner