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Troy Farmer - President of Idaho RadonTroy Farmer - President of Idaho Radon
Troy has been living in the Boise area for nearly a decade with his wife and two children Ethan, Taylor, and their dog Gunr. Troy is the Founder and President of Idaho Radon and holds certificates in Radon Testing, Radon Mitigation, Air Quality Testing and Thermal Imaging. He has been performing radon tests throughout Idaho during this time and is passionate about ensuring his clients are provided with the best possible radon testing service, up to date radon detection technology, and radon mitigation products available. Troy has built a strong business so that one day he can pass the business onto his son Ethan in order to sustain not only Idaho but the Pacific Northwest with professional radon mitigation and radon detection services.

Troy started Idaho Radon with the hopes of providing homeowners with a solution to a problem (radon gas). He found that he was unable to refer his clients, when radon levels were high, to a professional mitigation company that was a fully insured. Troy realized that the community needed a full-time testing and Idaho radon mitigation company that could provide the kind of services one should expect. So his passion for wanting to help consumer's get the best quality testing service possible has driven him to create a superior company that has earned him the trust and respect of many clients.

Radon Specialist - Donna FarmerDonna Farmer - Radon Specialist | Co-Founder and President of Idaho
Donna has completed her National Radon Specialist Certification and is passionate about environmental issues including their effects on the human body. She has been especially interested in the latest research that has linked exposure to radon gas with neurological disorders including Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.
In addition, Donna is the Co-Founder and President of Idaho and Special Needs Training. She is very active in state policy regarding services and supports for individuals with Autism and she has completed her Developmental Specialist Certification for both Children and Adult's.

Scott Bell - Idaho Licensed Radon Specialist and Radon MitigatorScott Bell - Idaho Licensed Radon Specialist and Radon Mitigator
Scott has been with Idaho Radon since 2004 and is a senior radon tester and a mitigation installer, he holds certificates in radon testing and mitigation services. Scott is passionate about education and ensuring his clients receive the latest radon testing services and products. We are proud to have Scott with us on our Idaho Radon Team.

The American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists National Radon Safety Board